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Spectral diffusion of electron spin polarization in glasses doped with radicals for DNP #DNPNMR

June 28, 2024 - Wenckebach, W. Th. “Spectral Diffusion of Electron Spin Polarization in Glasses Doped with Radicals for DNP.

Relaxation enhancement by microwave irradiation may limit dynamic nuclear polarization #DNPNMR

June 26, 2024 - Von Witte, Gevin, Aaron Himmler, Sebastian Kozerke, and Matthias Ernst. “Relaxation Enhancement by Microwave Irradiation May Limit Dynamic Nuclear Polarization.

NMRduino: A modular, open-source, low-field magnetic resonance platform #Instrumentation

June 24, 2024 - Tayler, Michael C.D., and Sven Bodenstedt. “NMRduino: A Modular, Open-Source, Low-Field Magnetic Resonance Platform.” Journal of Magnetic Resonance 362 (May 2024): 107665.

NYU - Postdoctoral Research Fellow - ESR/NMR/Hyperpolarization #DNPNMR

June 23, 2024 - Postdoctoral Research Fellow: ESR / NMR /Hyperpolarization Applications are solicited for an individual to be appointed as a postdoctoral researcher at New York University under the supervision of Assistant Prof.

Dynamic Nuclear Polarization with Conductive Polymers #DNPNMR

June 20, 2024 - Stern, Quentin, Guillaume Verhaeghe, Théo El Daraï, Damien Montarnal, Nghia Huu Le, Laurent Veyre, Chloé Thieuleux, Charlotte Bocquelet, Olivier Cala, and Sami Jannin.

Dynamic Nuclear Polarization Enhanced Multiple Quantum Spin Counting of Molecular Assemblies in Vitrified Solutions #DNPNMR

June 18, 2024 - Potnuru, Lokeswara Rao, Mesopotamia Nowotarski, Joshua Straub, Raj Chaklashiya, Toshihiko Shimasaki, Bholanath Pahari, Hunter Coffaro, Sheetal Jain, and Songi Han.