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Three mechanisms of room temperature dynamic nuclear polarization occur simultaneously in an ionic liquid #DNPNMR #ODNP

December 7, 2022 - Gizatullin, Bulat, Carlos Mattea, and Siegfried Stapf. “Three Mechanisms of Room Temperature Dynamic Nuclear Polarization Occur Simultaneously in an Ionic Liquid.

Development of Millimeter Wave Fabry-Pérot Resonator for Simultaneous Electron-Spin and Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Measurement #DNPNMR #Instrumentation

December 5, 2022 - Ishikawa, Yuya, Kenta Ohya, Yutaka Fujii, Akira Fukuda, Shunsuke Miura, Seitaro Mitsudo, Hidetomo Yamamori, and Hikomitsu Kikuchi.

MAS-DNP enables NMR studies of insect wings #DNPNMR

December 2, 2022 - THis is a remarkable paper demonstrating the power of DNP-NMR spectroscopy. Insect wings are not isotopically labeled but yet, with DNP it is possible to record 2D 13C/13C correlation spectra in minutes.

Investigating the efficiency of silica materials with wall-embedded nitroxide radicals for dynamic nuclear polarisation NMR #DNPNMR

November 30, 2022 - Besson, Eric, Aurelien Vebr, Fabio Ziarelli, Emily Bloch, Guillaume Gerbaud, Séverine Queyroy, Pierre Thureau, Stéphane Viel, and Stéphane Gastaldi.

Novel and Emerging Applications of the Gyrotrons Worldwide: Current Status and Prospects #DNPNMR #Gyrotron

November 28, 2022 - Sabchevski, Svilen, Mikhail Glyavin, Seitaro Mitsudo, Yoshinori Tatematsu, and Toshitaka Idehara. “Novel and Emerging Applications of the Gyrotrons Worldwide: Current Status and Prospects.

Imaging Seminar on preclinical 13C and 15N DNP using the SpinAligner #DNPNMR

November 27, 2022 - Dear colleagues, We are pleased to announce that the second Kiel Imaging Seminar (KIS) will take place next Monday, Nov.