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HYP23: Deadline abstract submission shifted to Mon 5 June #DNPNMR

May 31, 2023 - Dear all, I received some requests to shift the deadline for abstract submission for some days.

High-Resolution NMR Spectroscopy at Large Fields with Nitrogen Vacancy Centers #Hyperpolarization

May 29, 2023 - Munuera-Javaloy, C., A. Tobalina, and J. Casanova. “High-Resolution NMR Spectroscopy at Large Fields with Nitrogen Vacancy Centers.

HYP23: Leipzig, 24-28 Sept 2023: Registration is OPEN #DNPNMR

May 29, 2023 - Dear all, Welcome to the HYP23 to Leipzig! Now the registration is open: I really think we can offer a wonderful program to a fair price which includes the conf dinner in the Gondwanaland of the Zoo.

Cryogenic-Compatible Spherical Rotors and Stators for Magic Angle Spinning Dynamic Nuclear Polarization #DNPNMR

May 26, 2023 - Price, Lauren E., Nicholas Alaniva, Marthe Millen, Till Epprecht, Michael Urban, Alexander Däpp, and Alexander B.

Post-doctoral positions in MAS DNP NMR, Lyon, France #DNPNMR

May 25, 2023 - Post-doctoral positions available in MAS DNP NMR at the High-Field NMR Center of Lyon (France)

A compact permanent magnet for microflow NMR relaxometry #Instrumentation

May 19, 2023 - Polishchuk, Dmytro, and Han Gardeniers. “A Compact Permanent Magnet for Microflow NMR Relaxometry.” Journal of Magnetic Resonance 347 (February 1, 2023): 107364.