About Bridge12 Technologies

Bridge12 Technologies, Inc. develops high power microwave, millimeter wave and terahertz (THz) systems for applications in nuclear fusion, material processing, magnetic resonance, specifically DNP-NMR, as well as active and passive THz components and sources that find their application in science, medicine, security, and in defense.

Electromagnetic waves at THz frequencies are in the region of the electromagnetic spectrum between 0.3 and 3 THz. THz waves are safe to use because they are non-ionizing and can pass through clothing, skin, paper, cardboard and plastic, wood, plastic and ceramics. They can also penetrate fog and clouds, but cannot penetrate metal, concrete or water.

Despite numerous applications of terahertz waves, their adoption has been slow because of the limited output power of currently available sources. Solid-state THz sources can only generate a few milliwatts of average power and THz applications require expensive and complicated detection schemes. The lack of commercially available sources and detector for this frequency region lead to the term ‘Terahertz Gap’.

Bridge12 closes the Terahertz gap

Bridge12 closes the Terahertz gap

At Bridge12 Technologies we are committed to closing this gap by providing compact, high-power, high-frequency THz instrumentation for applications in science, medicine, defense and security. Overcoming current technology barriers, we close the ‘Terahertz Gap’ with compact sources that are cost-effective, powerful, efficient and rapidly deployable. This is also the origin of our company name: we are ‘bridging’ the terahertz gap – ‘tera’ is 10 to the power of ‘12’.