Progress in miniaturization and low-field nuclear magnetic resonance

Published: April 30, 2021

Anders, Jens, Frederik Dreyer, Daniel Krüger, Ilai Schwartz, Martin B. Plenio, and Fedor Jelezko. “Progress in Miniaturization and Low-Field Nuclear Magnetic Resonance.” Journal of Magnetic Resonance 322 (January 1, 2021): 106860.

In this paper, we review the latest developments in miniaturization of NMR systems with an emphasis on low-field NMR. We briefly cover the topics of magnet and coil miniaturization, elaborating on the advantages and disadvantages of miniaturized coils for different applications. The main part of the article is dedicated to progress in NMR electronics. Here, we touch upon software-defined radios as an emerging gadget for NMR before we provide a detailed discussion of NMR-on-a-chip transceivers as the ultimate solution in terms of miniaturization of NMR electronics. In addition to discussing the miniaturization capabilities of the NMR-on-a-chip approach, we also investigate the potential use of NMR-on-a-chip devices for an improved NMR system performance. Here, we also discuss the possibility of combining the NMR-on-a-chip approach with EPR-on-a-chip spectrometers to form compact DNP-on-a-chip systems that can provide a significant sensitivity boost, especially for low-field NMR systems.