Waveguide and Quasioptical Mode Launchers

We design and manufacture waveguide and quasioptical mode launchers to convert one waveguide mode into another or to convert waveguide modes to free-space Gaussian beams. We offer standard HE11 mode launchers for injection into corrugated waveguides. These launchers are designed for high HE11 content with low insertion loss.
HE<sub>11</sub> Launchers

HE11 Launchers

A range of standard HE11 launchers are available. Compatible corrugated uptapers are also available for these launchers to increase the output waveguide diameter to larger values. Some standard products and their performance is listed below. Please contact us for custom launchers.

Model No.
Frequency Range
W/G Band
Output Dia.
Typical Loss
12HEL095318 90-100 GHz WR-10 31.75 mm -1.0 dB
12HEL263125 260-270 GHz WR-3.4 12.50 mm -1.1 dB
12HEL395125 390-405 GHz WR-2.2 12.50 mm -1.2 dB
12HEL527125 510-540 GHz WR-1.4 12.50 mm -1.5 dB
12HEL695125 680-720 GHz WR-1.2 12.50 mm -2.5 dB

Typical Performance

The launchers are typically characterized at the factory to measure insertion loss. Far field radiation patterns can also be provided. The performance of some of our standard HE11 launchers is shown below.