Bridge12 Single Channel NMR Spectrometer for ODNP

Modern high-field NMR spectrometers offer several RF channels for multi-nuclear NMR spectroscopy, but they are often overkill for Overhauser DNP (ODNP) spectroscopy, which in most cases only needs to observe one nucleus such as protons. The Bridge12 Single-Channel NMR Spectrometer for ODNP spectroscopy is a compact instrumentation that provides a smaller and affordable option for NMR detection.
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Easier to Use than Other Single-Board Solutions

Easier to Use than Other Single-Board Solutions

Often single-board (single-channel) NMR spectrometers are too finicky if you are just trying to get your research done. The Bridge12 NMR spectrometer is easy to set up: put it on your bench, hook it up to your computer, and start Open VnmrJ. Now you’re ready to start your research.

More Affordable Than the Big Vendors

For ODNP spectroscopy, you don’t need a big multi-channel NMR spectrometer - a single channel system is often enough. Just for the console alone, you can save you 10x the cost compared to the entry model NMR spectrometers of the big vendors, and that doesn’t even include the magnet.

Small Footprint of a Benchtop NMR Spectrometer

The Bridge12 NMR spectrometer takes up no more space than a fancy espresso maker, complete with the RF amplifier and duplexer. You’ll be able to fit it into your lab no matter how limited your space is.

ODNP Package for OpenVnmrJ

ODNP Package for OpenVnmrJ

Open Vnmrj is a popular acquisition and data processing software. In collaboration with Dan Iverson, Bridge12 created a special package for Overhauser DNP spectroscopy that works with our NMR spectrometer and microwvae power source. If you know how to use (Open) VnmrJ, you are all set to do Overhauser DNP experiments.

Technical Specifications

  • Operation Frequency: 0.1 to 100 MHz
  • Output pulse power: > 30 W
  • Dimensions:
  • Receiver resolution

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