[NMR] Solid-state NMR specialist at EPFL

The Institute of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering at EPFL (ISIC; https://www.epfl.ch/schools/sb/research/isic/) is currently looking for a full-time specialist in solid-state NMR for its NMR platform (https://www.epfl.ch/schools/sb/research/isic/platforms/nuclear_magnetic_resonance/). 

As solid-state NMR specialist, you will have the responsibility to advise and guide EPFL researchers wishing to characterize their samples by solid-state NMR. A major part of the work will be dedicated to the preparation and measurement of these samples.

You will be in charge of the solid-state spectrometers of the ISIC NMR platform (two 400 MHz routine spectrometers, and four research spectrometers at 400, 500 and 900 MHz able to work at low temperature (100 K), fast MAS (100 kHz) with possible coupling to DNP. 

The user pool is large and diverse, (chemistry, material sciences, life sciences, physics …), and we are thus looking for an open-minded, well organized and flexible person with a modern vision and knowledge of solid state NMR and service, who will integrate smoothly into our existing team.
Candidates should submit their application online before 15.01.2021.

More details on the position and the application process here: https://recruiting.epfl.ch/Vacancies/1606/Description/2Contact :
For additional information, please contact Dr Aurélien Bornet (NMR platform leader, aurelien.bornet@epfl.ch) or Prof. Sandrine Gerber (Responsible for ISIC Platforms, sandrine.gerber@epfl.ch).
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