[NMR] 4th webinar of the Early Career Researcher

Dear Colleagues,

The 4th webinar of the Early Career Researcher version of ICMRBS series will take place on Wednesday the 16th December 2020, 12 p.m. PST3 p.m. EDT 8 p.m. GMT 9 p.m. CET /1:30 a.m. IST (India- 17th Dec)/4 a.m. CST (China- 17th Dec) /7 a.m. ADET (Australia- 17th Dec)Please note that the webinar this month has been moved to a different time again to accommodate the speakers from 3 different continents! May I please emphasise again our interest to include ECR speakers from all over the World so wherever you are, if you have an interesting story to tell, please come forward and contact one of our committee.

In this webinar, the three scientific talks on the theme of “Solid State NMR” will be delivered by:
Dr Lauriane Lecoq– CNRS (Lyon, France): The hepatitis B virus capsid seen by solid-state NMR
Dr Marc Sani-The University of Melbourne (Melbourne, Australia): Spin labelled peptide for in-cell DNP solid-state NMR
Asst Prof Andrew Nieuwkoop-Rutgers University (New Jersey, USA): Impacts of protein deuteration and MAS rate on 1H-13C solid-state distance measurements

And for our non-scientific session this month, we are delighted to have Prof Arthur Palmer (Columbia University, USA) who will be sharing his career journey with us. The title of his talk is:Your career from A to Z: Learning from my mistakes

The Zoom link is as below: https://uqz.zoom.us/j/86322867824?pwd=Z015YWdOcHBFVmRmSXZZOEpENUgrZz09

Hope to see you all there!


On behalf of the ICMRBS ECR committee
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