A multi-sample 94GHz dissolution dynamic-nuclear-polarization system

Published: Thursday, 26 January 2012 - 21:59 UTC


Batel, M., et al., A multi-sample 94GHz dissolution dynamic-nuclear-polarization system. J. Magn. Reson., 2012. 214(0): p. 166-174.


We describe the design and initial performance results of a multi-sample dissolution dynamic nuclear polarization (DNP) polarizer based on a Helium-temperature NMR cryostat for use in a wide-bore NMR magnet with a room-temperature bore. The system is designed to accommodate up to six samples in a revolver-style sample changer that allows changing samples at liquid-Helium temperature and at pressures ranging from ambient pressure down to 1mbar. The multi-sample setup is motivated by the desire to do repetitive in vivo measurements and to characterize the DNP process by investigating samples of different chemical composition. The system can be loaded with up to six samples simultaneously to reduce sample loading and unloading. Therefore, series of experiments can be carried out faster and more reliably. The DNP probe contains an oversized microwave cavity and includes EPR and NMR capabilities for monitoring the DNP process. In the solid state, DNP enhancements corresponding to ~45% polarization for [1-13C]pyruvic acid with a trityl radical have been measured. In the initial liquid-state acquisition experiments described here, the polarization was found to be ~13%, corresponding to an enhancement factor exceeding 16,000 relative to thermal polarization at 9.4T and ambient temperature.