NMR methods for the analysis of mixtures #DNPNMR

Published: Friday, 05 May 2023 - 10:00 -0400

Author: Thorsten Maly

Dumez, Jean-Nicolas. “NMR Methods for the Analysis of Mixtures.” Chemical Communications 58, no. 100 (2022): 13855–72.


NMR spectroscopy is a powerful approach for the analysis of mixtures. Its usefulness arises in large part from the vast landscape of methods, and corresponding pulse sequences, that have been and are being designed to tackle the specific properties of mixtures of small molecules. This feature article describes a selection of methods that aim to address the complexity, the low concentrations, and the changing nature that mixtures can display. These notably include pure-shift and diffusion NMR methods, hyperpolarisation methods, and fast 2D NMR methods such as ultrafast 2D NMR and non-uniform sampling. Examples or applications are also described, in fields such as reaction monitoring and metabolomics, to illustrate the relevance and limitations of different methods.