DNPLab 2.0.6 Release Note

Published: Friday, 13 May 2022 - 17:00 -0400

Author: Timothy Keller

New releases for DNPLab are published every other Friday at 5 pm EST. This release includes updates to documentation and plotting.


  • Supporting import for general 2d and 3d Topspin data
  • Updated documentation
  • Improved troubleshooting for topspin import with “verbose” argument


  • Exponential and Gaussian apodization now exactly corresponds to FWHM in Hz
  • Updates to import modules so that chemical shift axis no longer mirrored for Topspin and JEOL data
  • Force positive in autophase is fixed


Install DNPLab with pip:

pip install dnplab


Upgrade DNPLab with pip:

pip install --upgrade dnplab


View the documentation at

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