An open-source, low-cost NMR spectrometer operating in the mT field regime #NMR

Published: November 22, 2021

Bryden, Nicholas, Michael Antonacci, Michele Kelley, and Rosa T. Branca. “An Open-Source, Low-Cost NMR Spectrometer Operating in the MT Field Regime.” Journal of Magnetic Resonance 332 (November 1, 2021): 107076.

In recent years, low field and ultra-low field NMR spectrometers have gained interest due to their portability, lower cost, and reduced subject-induced magnetic field inhomogeneities. Here, we describe the design of a low-cost multinuclear NMR spectrometer operating in the ultra-low field regime (ULF), which possesses high spectral resolution and enables arbitrary pulse programming. An inexpensive multifunction input/output (I/O) device is used to handle waveform generation and digitization in the kHz operating range. A home-built radio frequency (RF) mixing circuit is used to down-mix the NMR signals, allowing for the slower sampling rates and lower memory requirements needed to enable minute-long acquisitions using a standard Windows PC. The LabVIEW code, along with a bill of materials for all components used in the spectrometer, is included. As proof of concept, 1H relaxation measurements and the simultaneous detection of 1H with gas phase and dissolved 129Xe frequencies using the described low field NMR spectrometer are demonstrated.