[ssNMR] Educational Talks (Global NMR Discussion Meetings)

Published: February 17, 2021

Dear Colleagues,

Over the last year, the pandemic has disrupted conference events, classroom education and research training causing difficulties in magnetic resonance knowledge exchange.

Global NMR Discussion Meetings has partly bridged this gap by providing a forum for high-quality educational tutorials by students and scientists from NMR research groups across the world. All the talks presented so far have been uploaded to our YouTube channel


which has gathered over 400+ subscribers and 7500+ views.

To provide improved visibility and opportunities, we would like to invite abstract submissions from students and postdocs working in NMR spectroscopy method development and/or application. The talk should provide an introduction to a research topic for non-experts, some recent developments in that research area and also potentially some of the author?s research. Please note that the goal of the forum is maximum dissemination in the interest of education, and therefore presentations are typically uploaded to YouTube with the presenter?s consent.

Format: 30 minute talk with 1-2 breaks for questions.

The graduate student or postdoc should email an abstract (100 word limit) and a short bio to globalnmrdiscussionmeeting@gmail.com. Please direct any specific questions to one of the organisers. Kindly pass on this message to all colleagues working with NMR.

With thanks,

Adrian Draney (Creighton University Chemistry) adrian.draney@gmail.com
Amrit Venkatesh (Lyndon Emsley Lab, EPFL amrit.venkatesh@epfl.ch) amrit.venkatesh@epfl.ch
Asif Equbal (Songi Han Lab, UCSB) asifequbal3@gmail.com
Blake Wilson (Robert Tycko Lab, NIH) blake.wilson@nih.gov
Michael Hope (Lyndon Emsley Lab, EPFL) michael.hope@epfl.ch
Mohammad Sabba (Malcolm Levitt Lab, UK) m.sabba@soton.ac.uk
Mouzhe Xie (Maurer Lab, Uni. Chicago) xiemouzhe@uchicago.edu
PinelopiMoutzouri (Lyndon Emsley Lab, EPFL) pinelopi.moutzouri@epfl.ch

Twitter: @global_nmr

YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/GlobalNMRDiscussionMeetings/videos

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