Bridge12 Technologies Inc. offers a variety of innovative products for magnetic resonance as well microwave and terahertz (THz) systems. Our specialties include DNP-NMR, EPR, active and passive THz components, microwave sources, and a variety of instrumentation that will streamline your experiments.

DNP / NMR / EPR Products

X-Band ODNP Resonator

A turn-key ODNP resonator for your research, compatible with any X-band EPR spectrometer… read more

X-Band ODNP Probe

No need for a large superconducting NMR magnet or a gyrotron, upgrade any X-band EPR spectrometer to do ODNP spectroscopy… read more

X-Band ODNP Microwave Source

A simple add-on for existing EPR spectrometers that can deliver up to 10 W of microwave power to a sample… read more

High Frequency EPR Spectrometer

Upgrade your NMR systems or Gyrotron-based DNP systems to conduct EPR measurements, all at a fraction of the cost of conventional systems… read more

Resistive Sweep Coil for NMR Magnets

Change the magnetic field strength in your NMR, DNP or EPR experiments at a fraction of the cost of built-in sweep coils… read more

Cryogenic Heat Exchanger

A highly efficient and flexibly designed heat exchanger that is perfect for solid-state NMR spectroscopy… read more

OpenVnmrJ for ODNP Spectroscopy

In collaboration with OpenVnmrJ Solutions, Bridge12 has developed a variant of OpenVnmrJ that is tailored towards ODNP spectroscopy… read more

Microwave / Terahertz Products

Frequency Measurement System

A precision measurement system for tracking the output frequency of terahertz sources, such as traveling wave tubes or gyrotrons… read more

Electron Guns

We develop electron guns for a variety of applications, including microwave tubes, X-ray sources, accelerator applications, and more… read more

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