X-nuclei hyperpolarization for studying molecular dynamics by DNP-FFC #DNPNMR

Gizatullin, Bulat, Carlos Mattea, and Siegfried Stapf. “X-Nuclei Hyperpolarization for Studying Molecular Dynamics by DNP-FFC.” Journal of Magnetic Resonance 307 (October 2019): 106583.


Dynamic Nuclear Polarization methods are used for improving the quality of the NMR data, opening new possibilities by increasing both the sensitivity and the selectivity in NMR relaxation experiments. Recently, Fast Field Cycling relaxometry combined with DNP was introduced, demonstrating that molecular dynamics studies in the presence of natural or artificial radicals are indeed feasible under conditions where the signal-to-noise ratio is frequently critical. In this work, the extension of NMR relaxation dispersion beyond 1H NMR, by hyperpolarization of X-nuclei, is demonstrated. Overhauser effect via nitroxide radicals in simple (low viscous) liquids and saline solutions was observed for 2H, 7Li and 13C nuclei at ambient temperature. Substantial NMR signal enhancement up to several hundred was achieved for the studied samples. An advanced approach for reconstructing of the original relaxation dispersion of pure substances is used to eliminate the effect of the additional radical relaxivity of the X-nuclei.

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