Triplet dynamic nuclear polarization of nanocrystals dispersed in water at room temperature

Nishimura, Koki, Hironori Kouno, Kenichiro Tateishi, Tomohiro Uesaka, Keiko Ideta, Nobuo Kimizuka, and Nobuhiro Yanai. “Triplet Dynamic Nuclear Polarization of Nanocrystals Dispersed in Water at Room Temperature.” Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 21, no. 30 (2019): 16408–12.

While dynamic nuclear polarization using photo-excited triplet electrons (triplet-DNP) can improve the sensitivity of nuclear magnetic resonance at room temperature, it has not been carried out in water. Here, we report the first example of triplet-DNP in water by downsizing the conventional bulk crystals to nanocrystals.

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