Staff scientist position at King Abdullah University of Science and Technology, Saudi Arabia

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DNP/EPR Staff Scientist for Bruker AVANCE 400 DNP NMR system and EMX plus EPR system
at King Abdullah University of Science and Technology, Saudi Arabia

Job Title

Staff Scientist for NMR lab 


King Abdullah University of Science and Technology  (KAUST) is a globally renowned graduate research university that makes significant contributions to scientific and technological advancement.  NMR core lab is a part of Nanofabrication, Imaging & Characterization Lab  (ANIC) with ten NMR and MRI up to 950 MHz.  It is dedicated to providing the instrumentation, technical expertise, and team-teaching environment to stimulate collaborative research. 

Major Responsibilities

User (students, researchers and faculties) training/support and instruments management of DNP (Dynamic Nuclear Polarization) NMR and EPR (Electron Paramagnetic Resonance)

Technical Skills

Candidate should be expert on Bruker NMR system software and hardware.  The experience of DNP NMR is recommended and the experience of solid state NMR and EPR will be positive.

Required Education

Ph.D degree or master degree in solid state NMR or EPR with material sciences major.

Organization, Division

NMR Core Lab Facilities ( at King Abdullah University of Science and Technology ( Thuwal, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Contact Person

Dr. Kazuo Yamauchi (,  group leader of NMR lab

Dr. Kun Li (,  manager of core lab


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