Russell Varian Prize Goes to Dr. Lucio Frydman

From the Agilent website:

Agilent has awarded the 2013 Russell Varian Prize for Innovation in Nuclear Magnetic Resonance to Dr. Lucio Frydman, a professor at the Weizmann Institute of Science in Rehovot, Israel. Frydman is responsible for introducing a unique technique that records previously inaccessible multidimensional NMR spectra in a single scan.

The Russell Varian Prize honors the memory of the pioneer behind the first commercial nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometers and cofounder of Varian Associates, which is now part of Agilent. The prize is awarded to researchers based on a single innovative contribution (a single paper, patent, lecture or piece of hardware) that has demonstrated broad impact on the state of the art in NMR and original contributions that have triggered important advancements in scientific technology.

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