High-Power Q-Band Solid-State Amplifier

The Bridge12 high-power solid-state Amplifier for Q-Band spectroscopy can deliver a maximum pulse power of 100 W at 34 GHz. With a duty cycle of 5 %, this amplifier is a great alternative to TWT amplifiers which are often used in pulse EPR spectrometers.
100 W Q-Band solid-state Amplifier

100 W Q-Band solid-state Amplifier

In recent years, solid-state amplifier technology has made tremendous progress and the available output power at Q-Band frequencies has increased drastically.

The Bridge12 Q-Band solid-state amplifier can deliver a saturated pulse power of > 100 W (> 50 dBm) for pulsed EPR spectroscopy. In combination with the broadband Bridge12 QLP-1.6 probe and Arbitrary Waveform Generated (AWG) microwave pulses, it is a great alternative to a TWT amplifier.

High-Power AWG Pulses

High-Power AWG Pulses

The Q-Band solid-state amplifier works well well with AWG pulses created by the Bridge12 X-IF bridge in combination with the Q-Band frequency extension to create high-power AWG pulses for EPR spectroscopy.

Technical Specifications

  • Amplifier bandwidth: 34 - 35 GHz
  • Amplifier gain: > 70 dB
  • Power flatness: +/- 1.7 dB
  • Saturated output power: > 50 dBm (> 100 W)
  • Maximum duty cycle: 5 %
  • Input connection: 2.92 mm
  • Output connectionL: WR-28

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