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MIT-Harvard Center for Magnetic Resonance


A position is available at the MIT-Harvard Center for Magnetic Research (CMR) located at the Francis Bitter Magnet Laboratory at MIT. Duties require assisting with the management of the day-to-day operations of the CMR, and carries responsibilities for training and advising users. The candidate is expected to improve laboratory operations, evaluate and test new methods of data collection, assist in the administration and maintenance of a cluster of Linux computers, maintain records of laboratory use, and perform routine and non-routine maintenance. In addition, the position requires supervision of the CMR infrastructure that includes compressed air, chilled water, nitrogen purification, and in the near future, a helium recovery and liquefier system. In addition, it is required that the candidate actively participate in the ample research opportunities of the CMR in solution, solid state and DNP NMR and/or high frequency EPR.


Interested parties are required to have a PhD and established record of accomplishment in magnetic resonance. Experience with custom-built magnetic resonance instruments, NMR probe design, high frequency microwave instrumentation and/or commercial spectrometers would be a distinct advantage.

Please e-mail a resume, list of publications, and the names and e-mail addresses of three references to :

Prof. Robert G. Griffin

Francis Bitter Magnet Laboratory

Mass. Institute of Technology

NW14-3220, 77 Mass. Avenue

Cambridge, MA 02139-4703


Email: rgg@mit.edu

Voice: 617-253-5597

Fax : 617-253-5405




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