NMR Signal Enhancement by Effective SABRE Labeling of Oligopeptides

Ratajczyk, T., et al., NMR Signal Enhancement by Effective SABRE Labeling of Oligopeptides. Chemistry, 2015: p. n/a-n/a.


Signal amplification by reversible exchange (SABRE) can enhance nuclear magnetic resonance signals by several orders of magnitude. However, until now this was limited to a small number of model target molecules. Here, a new convenient method for SABRE activation applicable to a variety of synthetic model oligopeptides is demonstrated. For the first time, a highly SABRE-active pyridine-based biocompatible molecular framework is incorporated into synthetic oligopeptides. The SABRE activity is preserved, demonstrating the importance of such earmarking. Finally, a crucial exchange process responsible for SABRE activity is identified and discussed.

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