[NMR] postdoctoral research positions in the Tycko lab at NIH

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Several openings for new postdocs in the Tycko lab are expected in 2015. Research areas include: (1) structural studies of HIV-1 proteins by solid state NMR; (2) DNP-enhanced studies of intermediates in protein folding, protein aggregation, and protein-protein recognition processes; (3) DNP-enhanced magnetic resonance imaging; (4)structural/ biophysical/ mechanistic studies of amyloid fibrils associated with Alzheimer\’s disease. In addition, the lab has a long-standing interest in new NMR methodology, including pulse sequences, data analysis, and equipment. Candidates must have received a Ph.D. within the past four years. Candidates with strong backgrounds in the construction of experimental apparatus, or biochemical/biological techniques, or sophisticated spectroscopy are encouraged to apply. Please send your CV, your publication list, and a description of your research accomplishments to Rob Tycko at robertty@mail.nih.gov


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