[NMR] Postdoc in hyperpolarized NMR and MRI in the Theis lab at NC State University and close collaboration with Duke University

Dear colleagues,

A postdoctoral position is opening in the Theis lab at the North Carolina State University. The focus of the position will be on development and applications of hyperpolarization technology. In a highly interdisciplinary and collaborative environment we will be advancing parahydrogen induced polarization techniques towards applications in biomolecular structure elucidation, miniaturized NMR, and molecular imaging. Novel hyperpolarized markers and detection schemes will be developed, tested and applied. The position also involves a close collaboration with the Warren lab at Duke University.

We offer access to parahydrogen hyperpolarizers (Duke and NCSU) and dissolution-DNP instrumentation (hypersense at Duke). The hyperpolarizers are installed next to imagers (7T and 1T) and NMR spectrometers (400 MHz). Schemes for optical detection of hyperpolarized signals with sensitive magnetometers will be designed and installed at NCSU. 

At NCSU METRIC (The Molecular Education, Technology and Research Innovation Center) gives access to the following NMR devices in addition to state-of-the-art mass spectrometry and X-Ray Crystallography instrumentation: 

  • Bruker Avance NEO 400 MHz NMR, RT BBO iProbe, VT, and SampleXpress Automatic Sample Changer
  • Bruker Avance NEO 500 MHz NMR, BBO PRODIGY LN2 -Cryoprobe, VT, and SampleCASE automatic Sample Changer
  • Bruker Avance NEO 600 MHz NMR, RT BBO Smart Probe and TXI 1H-13C/15N- 2H Probe, VT, and SampleXpress Automatic Sample Changer
  • Bruker Avance NEO 700 MHz NMR, TCI 1H/19F-13C/15N- 2H LHe Cryoprobe, TXI 1H-13C/15N- 2H Probe, VT, and SampleXPress Automatic Sample Changer
  • Bruker Avance III 700 MHz NMR, TCI 1H-13C/15N- 2H LHe CryoProbe, TXI 1H-13C/15N- 2HProbe, VT, and SampleXpress Automatic Sample Changer
  • Varian Mercury 400 MHz NMR, VT, 5mm ASW 4-nuclei 1H/19F/13C/31P Probe
  • Varian Inova 400 MHz NMR, VT, 5 mm PFG gradient 4-nuclei Probe (1H/19F/13C/31P)
  • Varian Mercury 300 MHz NMR, 5 mm ID Probe (1H/13C)
  • Varian Mercury Plus 300 MHz NMR, 5mm PFG 4-nuclei Probe
  • E500-10/12 EPR System with Digital High-Resolution Hall Field Controller and Dual Channel Signal Processing UnitFurthermore, we offer many collaborations across the Triangle (UNC, Duke, NC State), the US and Europe, and extended opportunities to travel for collaborations and attending conferences. 

The preferred candidate is a highly motivated and collaborative individual with expertise in magnetic resonance technologies and experimental design. Experience with hyperpolarization technologies, imaging and programming are a plus.

Candidates with a strong background in chemical synthesis that wish to broaden their skill-set by combining their strength in chemical design with innovative molecular imaging and spectroscopy approaches are also encouraged to apply. 

For more details please email ttheis@ncsu.edu or see:


as well as https://chem.duke.edu/labs/warren

The Theis lab is located on the modern centennial campus at NCSU. See: https://centennial.ncsu.edu/

To apply, please send CV/resume with contact information for 2 references to: ttheis@ncsu.edu


Thomas Theis, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Chemistry

North Carolina State University 

Adjunct at Duke University, Department of Chemistry 


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