[NMR] PhD & Postdoc in MAS-DNP at CEA Grenoble (France)

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PhDs & Postdocs in MAS-DNP at CEA Grenoble (France)

Contact Gaël De Paëpe (gael.depaepe@cea.fr)

PhD and Postdoc positions are now available at CEA-INAC (twinned with the Univ. Grenoble Alpes), France. The ERC-funded project will focus on the further development of an emerging hyperpolarization technique called MAS-DNP (Magic Angle Spinning Dynamic Nuclear Polarization). Combining hardware development, computational/theoretical approaches and sophisticated NMR experiments, we will apply the newly developed methodology to improve the understanding of challenging systems (both materials and biomolecules). More here: http://www.dnpgrenoble.net/.

Line of research / welcomed fields of expertize:
– Designing and conducting advanced DNP/NMR experiments
– Spin dynamics simulations for pulse sequence development
– Hardware development for cryogenic helium spinning (ULT-MAS)
– RF/MW engineering
– Quantum Chemical Calculations and Molecular Dynamics simulations
– Experience with material and/or biomolecular sample preparation
– Knowledge in radical chemistry
– Matlab programming
– EPR experiments

The funded project is part of a larger ongoing activity involving a strong partnership between our lab and LNCMI/CNRS (for high-field EPR) as well as an industrial partner (Bruker Biospin). Motivated candidates must have a good command (written / spoken) of English and should send a detailed CV and a letter of motivation, as well as any questions, to gael.depaepe@cea.fr.

Grenoble is one of the major cities in Europe for research with a large international scientific community. In addition, Grenoble has a large international student population, is a very pleasant city to live in, and is known as the “Capital of the Alps” with easy access to great skiing and hiking. It’s also only 2 hours’ drive to the Mediterranean Sea, Italy, or Switzerland. Grenoble, Lyon, and Geneva airports are nearby and permit straightforward international travel.

Recent selected references from the group:

1 – Solid-State NMR on Bacterial Cells: Selective Cell-Wall-Signal Enhancement and Resolution Improvement using Dynamic Nuclear Polarization, Takahashi H., Ayala I., Bardet M., De Paëpe G., Simorre J.P., Hediger S., Journal of the American Chemical Society, 135, 5105-5110, 2013

2 – Untangling the Condensation Network of Organosiloxanes on Nanoparticles using 2D 29Si- 29Si Solid-State NMR enhanced by Dynamic Nuclear Polarization, D Lee, G Monin, NT Duong, IZ Lopez, M Bardet, V Mareau, L Gonon, G. De Paëpe, Journal of the American Chemical Society, 136, 13781-13788, 2014

3 – Pushing NMR sensitivity limits using dynamic nuclear polarization with closed-loop cryogenic helium sample spinning, E. Bouleau, P. Saint-Bonnet, F. Mentink-Vigier, H. Takahashi, J.-F. Jacquot, M. Bardet, F. Aussenac, A. Purea, F. Engelke, S. Hediger, D. Lee, G. De Paëpe, Chemical Science, 6, 6806-6812, 2015

4 – A New Tool for NMR Crystallography: Complete 13C/15N Assignment of Organic Molecules at Natural Isotopic Abundance Using DNP-Enhanced Solid-state NMR, K. Märker, M. Pingret, Jean-Marie Mouesca, Didier Gasparutto, Sabine Hediger, Gaël De Paëpe, Journal of the American Chemical Society, 137, 13796-13799, 2015

5 – Welcoming natural isotopic abundance in solid-state NMR: probing pi-stacking and supramolecular structure of organic nanoassemblies using DNP, Märker K., Paul S., Lee D., Mouesca J.-M., Hediger S., De Paëpe G. Chemical Science, 8, 974, 2017

6 – Fast and accurate MAS-DNP simulations of large spin ensembles, Mentink-Vigier F., Vega S., De Paëpe G., Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics,19, 3506-3522, 2017

7 – Interfacial Ca2+ environments in nanocrystalline apatites revealed by DNP-enhanced 43Ca NMR spectroscopy, lee D., Leroy C., Crevant C., Bonhomme-Coury L., Babonneau F., Laurencin D., Bonhomme C., De Paëpe G., Nature communication, 8, 14104, 2017

Dr Gaël De Paëpe — DRF/INAC/MEM/RM
INAC (CEA/Grenoble Alpes University)
17 Avenue des Martyrs
Bâtiment 51C
Office P.132a / Lab P.138
38054 Grenoble
Cedex 9 – France
email gael.depaepe@cea.fr
voice (office) +33 4 38 78 65 70
voice (lab) +33 4 38 78 47 26
fax +33 4 38 78 50 90

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