[NMR] PhD and Postdoctoral positions available to join the Emsley group at EPFL #DNPNMR

PhD and Postdoctoral positions available to join the Emsley group at EPFL, Lausanne

We are looking for highly motivated candidates to take up PhD and Postdoctoral positions developing new methods in NMR spectroscopy to address challenging problems in chemistry and materials science. In particular we will be working on extending dynamic nuclear polarization enhanced NMR crystallography to complex non-crystalline materials. Examples of our recent work and the application areas that we work on can be found on our website: http://lrm.epfl.ch

We are looking for highly motivated candidates with strong scientific background, independence, and who enjoy teamwork. You should hold a relevant qualification in chemistry, physics or related disciplines. Skills in one of the following fields of expertise are a plus:

• Experimental multi-dimensional nuclear magnetic resonance,
Simulation, Theory, or Modelling of nuclear spin dynamics, NMR properties or chemical structures.

Our laboratory at EPFL is part of one the world’s leading chemistry departments, and is located Lausanne on the north shore of Lake Geneva. The laboratory is equipped with unique state of the art NMR spectrometers (including gyrotron DNP accessories at 400 and 900 MHz, a dissolution-DNP machine, and 100 kHz magic angle spinning probes).

Motivated candidates should contact Lyndon Emsley by email to lyndon.emsley@epfl.ch

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