[NMR] International School for Young Scientists on Magnetic Resonance and Magnetic Phenomena

Dear colleagues,

We cordially invite you to participate in the VI International School for Young Scientists: Magnetic Resonance and Magnetic Phenomena in Chemical and Biological Physics, which will be held in Roshchino, St. Petersburg (Leningrad) region, Russia on September 5-10, 2020. 

The scope of the school is relatively broad, and its key purpose is to present interconnected topics in NMR and EPR spectroscopy in a form that underlines their fundamental similarity. Currently in several areas of research the two spectroscopies interconnect, thus building up new promising approaches, of which, probably, hyperpolarization and paramagnetic NMR are the most known and broadly used examples. We intend approaching the basic mechanisms responsible for the polarization transfer from electrons to nuclei both from NMR and EPR side. Similarities and differences in electron and nuclear relaxation and dipolar interactions will be in the focus of this school, as well.

The school includes lectures and tutorials on pulsed EPR, pulsed NMR, spin hyperpolarization and spin chemistry, including chemically induced spin polarization. A feature of the School is to approach these apparently different topics within a common theoretical framework, with the intention to obtain deeper understanding of spin dynamics of coupled electron-nuclear systems. Another aim of the School is to provide the participants with systematic knowledge of the mechanisms of the action of pulse sequences commonly used in modern EPR and NMR. We will also discuss in depth the interplay of electron and nuclear spins in modern EPR and NMR experimental methods. Furthermore, effects of electron and nuclear spins on chemical reactivity, playing a major role in spin chemistry, will be considered.

The program will include lectures and practical tutorials. The composition of the program will allow the participants to learn how to describe spin dynamics in pulse EPR and NMR experiments and, ultimately, to design novel magnetic resonance experiments. The meeting will be limited to 50 participants (not counting lecturers). The working language is English.

Registration deadline is 1 June 2020. Registration fee is 200 Euro for foreign participants and 12000 Roubles for Russian participants, which covers participation in all scientific sessions, coffee-breaks, welcome party, conference materials, cultural program, breakfast and lunch. For AMPERE members the fee is reduced.

The teachers are:

Christian Griesinger (Göttingen, Germany) 

Leonid Kulik (Novosibirsk, Russia)

Olivier Lafon (Lille, France)

P. K. Madhu (Hyderabad, India)

Kiminori Maeda (Saitama, Japan) 

Valentin Novikov (Moscow, Russia)

Maxim Yulikov (Zurich, Switzerland)

More information is available at the web-site of the School: http://roshchino2020.tomo.nsc.ru/

Please encourage your young colleagues to participate in this event.

Sincerely yours,

Prof. Konstantin Ivanov, co-chairmanProf. Leonid Kulik, co-chairman


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