Nitroxides: Brief History, Fundamentals, and Recent Developments #DNPNMR

Nitroxide-based radicals are essential to many DNP-NMR experiments and a profound understanding of their chemistry is essential to synthesize new polarizing agents with increased DNP performance. This book gives a comprehensive overview of nitroxides – a good introduction for the new comer but also a reference guide for the expert.

Likhtenshtein, Gertz I. Nitroxides: Brief History, Fundamentals, and Recent Developments. Springer Series in Materials Science. Springer International Publishing, 2020.

Written by a pioneer in the development of spin labeling in biophysics, this expert book covers the fundamentals of nitroxide spin labeling through cutting-edge applications in chemistry, physics, materials science, molecular biology, and biomedicine. Nitroxides have earned their place as one of the most popular organic paramagnets due to their suitability as inhibitors of oxidative processes, as a means to polarize magnetic nuclei, and, in molecular biology, as probes and labels to understand molecular structures and dynamics AS DRAGS FOR CANCER AND OTHER DISEASES. Beginning with an overview of the basic methodology and nitroxides’ 145-year history, this book equips students with necessary background and techniques to undertake original research and industry work in this growing field.

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