Low-cost, pseudo-Halbach dipole magnets for NMR

Tayler, M.C. and D. Sakellariou, Low-cost, pseudo-Halbach dipole magnets for NMR. J Magn Reson, 2017. 277: p. 143-148.


We present designs for compact, inexpensive and strong dipole permanent magnets aimed primarily at magnetic resonance applications where prepolarization and detection occur at different locations. Low-homogeneity magnets with a 7.5mm bore size and field up to nearly 2T are constructed using low-cost starting materials, standard workshop tools and only few hours of labor – an achievable project for a student or postdoc with spare time. As an application example we show how our magnet was used to polarize the nuclear spins in approximately 1mL of pure [13C]-methanol prior to detection of its high-resolution NMR spectrum at zero field (measurement field below 10-10T), where signals appear at multiples of the carbon-hydrogen spin-spin coupling frequency 1JCH=140.7(1)Hz.

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