Gyrotron DNP NMR, post-doc position

A 4 year postdoc position is available at the EPF in Lausanne. More information can be found here:

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Inserat Nr. 21707

Vom Mittwoch, 12. September 2012

Arbeitsort Lausanne

Arbeitsbeginn sofort

Vertragsdauer 4 Jahre

Anstellung 100%

EPFL enjoys a strong position in Dynamic Nuclear Polarization for NMR, because it has developed original designs using several approaches. A campus-wide collaboration in particular with the CRPP (fusion research center, specialized in gyrotrons) has allowed us to design and build a gyrotron for solid state NMR. The physical properties of the gyrotron were first investigated at CRPP. The gyrotron will move to our NMR lab in October. Together with another post-doc already in place, the successful applicant will run all the necessary tests prior to engaging in NMR research activities per say. Funding is of EPFL, implying that the research is not tied to existing proposal. We benefit greatly from a close ties with Swiss-to-12, a company dedicated to the manufacturing of THz components. 

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