Open Position: Mechanical Engineer

Mechanical Engineer (Bridge 12 Technologies, Inc.; Natick, MA): The Mechanical Engineer will work on multidisciplinary projects that involve the development of microwave and terahertz generators, particle accelerators, and other scientific instrumentation. This technical position will focus on the application of structural, fluid mechanics, heat transfer modeling, and other calculation methods for developing innovative solutions for microwave tubes and particle accelerators. Specific duties include: Analyzing design feasibility and performance and operational efficiency of systems; Assembling prototype systems and testing; Designing advanced precision equipment for accurate or controlled applications; Implementing design adjustments in the mechanical design based on thermal, fluid, and structural simulations to improve system performance; Performing simulations at request of design teams to assess component performance and behavior; Researching and analyzing customer design proposals and specifications to determine time and cost feasibility to complete projects; Providing alternate methodologies other than CFD, such as hand calculations and numerical analysis; Scripting and programming in Python (or equivalent computer language) for automating design optimization simulations; Creating Ansys APDL scripts for automating simulation workflow; Creating sketches and engineering drawings; and Modifying mechanical and engineering drawings for fabrication using additive manufacturing techniques.

Up to 3% travel (primarily domestic, with possibility of limited international) required to complete installations, testing, and commissioning at customer sites.

Minimum requirements: Master’s degree or foreign equivalent in Mechanical Engineering, Physics, Aerospace Engineering, or related field.

Must have: Demonstrated experience with Computer Aided Design (CAD) tools such as SolidWorks and Autodesk Inventor; Demonstrated solid knowledge of Finite Element Analysis (FEA) and Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) modeling, including tools such as Ansys Mechanical and Ansys Fluent; Demonstrated strong background in analytical modeling; Demonstrated familiarity with 3D CAD modeling and engineering drawing; Demonstrated ability to make engineering drawings, and read and interpret blueprints; Demonstrated strong understanding of system-level optimization for size, weight, and performance; Demonstrated developed knowledge in flow distribution, mixing, transient flow distribution and thermal/hydraulic events, and heat transfer; Demonstrated expertise in multiphase and turbulent flows; Demonstrated experience in completing at least one complete product design life cycle; and Demonstrated excellent verbal and written communication skills, and good team work ethic. (Unless otherwise indicated, employer is seeking the ability in the skills listed above with no specific number of years of experience required. All experience can be gained concurrently and can be demonstrated via coursework and/or internship experience.)

To apply, please email your Resume or CV with a cover letter to: and include the reference number in the subject line. Ref: 00040195. An EOE.