Open Position: Hardware Engineer

Hardware Engineer (Bridge 12 Technologies, Inc.; Natick, MA): The Hardware Engineer will be responsible for multidisciplinary projects that involve the development of control systems for microwave and terahertz generators and particle accelerators. Duties include the following: Designing Complex Programmable Logic Device (CPLD) and Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA); Performing Register Transfer Logic (RTL) design, simulation, physical implementation, and verification; Integrating soft vendor IP cores within a larger architecture; Designing circuits, schematic capture, and board and layout in tools such as Cadence Allegro and Orcad; Performing board bring-up and testing; Performing simulation of circuits in P-Spice; Performing hand assembly and testing of prototype printed circuit boards; Soldering and crimping for assembly of cable harnesses; Selecting components and determining hardware test specification based on required parameter, performance, and cost criteria; Interfacing with cross functional teams for firmware design/development team and mechanical engineering team; Programming in python and C to control hardware systems; and Programming in Verilog for programming CPLDs and FPGAs.

Up to 3% travel (primarily domestic, with possibility of limited international) required to complete installations, testing, and commissioning at customer sites.

Minimum requirements: Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering or related field.

Must have: Demonstrated knowledge of RTL (VHDL, Verilog/System Verilog) synthesis, simulation, implementation, and debug tools; Demonstrated strong understanding of hardware/software partitioning; Demonstrated familiarity with FPGA design tools, including Xilinx Vivado tools and ZYNQ SoCs; Demonstrated familiarity with Xilinx Tcl; Demonstrated familiarity with Cadence or Mentor Graphics Schematic Capture and Layout tools; Demonstrated in-depth understanding of digital design principles; Demonstrated in-depth understanding of low-level hardware/software system debugging; Proven track record of designing and analyzing electronic and embedded solutions; Demonstrated knowledge of basic signal processing concepts (such as MATLAB); Demonstrated knowledge of implementing signal processing algorithms; Demonstrated experience with Logic Analyzers and Digital Oscilloscopes; Demonstrated excellent verbal and written communication skills, and good team work ethic; Demonstrated knowledge of C/C++ language in embedded environments. (Unless otherwise indicated, employer is seeking the ability in the skills listed above with no specific number of years of experience required. All experience can be gained concurrently and can be demonstrated via coursework and/or internship experience.)

To apply, please email your Resume or CV with a cover letter to: and include the reference number in the subject line. Ref: 00040196. An EOE.