Remembering Shimon Vega ssNMR-DNP ZOOMinar -- January 18, 2022 #DNPNMR

Published: January 12, 2022

Dear all,

As many of you are aware, our colleague Prof. Shimon Vega passed away last November. Shimon Vega influenced many of us in profound ways -both personally and professionally. To celebrate Shimon’s science and persona, we have invited a number of former students, postdocs and colleagues, to share with us their research and personal experiences. Please join us for a ssNMR/DNP ZOOMInar on Tuesday, January 18, 2022 11 AM Boston time, that we will devote to remember Prof. Vega as colleague, as scientist and as friend.

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Date/ Time: Tuesday, 18th January, 8.00 am California/ 11.00 am Boston/ 5.00 pm Paris/ 6.00 pm Israel Title: ‘Remembering Shimon Vega and a glimpse at his last work —Accounting for the microwave power dependence of static DNP enhancement with nitroxyl radicals by the i-CE model'

11.00 Opening
11.10 Introduction by Lucio Frydman and Daniella Goldfarb
11.20 Asher Schmidt
Vlad Ladizhansky
Gil Goobes
Amir Goldbourt
P. K. Madhu
Elena Vinogradov
Michal Leskes
Fred Mentink-Vigier
Daphna Shimon
Jake Schaefer
Alex Pines
12.20 Scientific seminar by Akiva Feintuch
12.35 Closing by Bob Griffin and Kong Ooi Tan

Lucio Frydman, Daniella Goldfarb, Kong Ooi Tan, and Bob Griffin

Prof. Kong Ooi Tan
Junior Professor
Laboratoire des Biomolécules UMR 7203
Département de Chimie
École Normale Supérieure
24 Rue Lhomond
75231 Paris CEDEX 05
Université PSL
Zoom PMID: 9759617881

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