A portable, submersible, MR sensor – The Proteus magnet #Instrumentation

Published: January 12, 2022

Ross, Michael M. B., Grant R. Wilbur, Prisciliano F. de J. Cano Barrita, and Bruce J. Balcom. “A Portable, Submersible, MR Sensor – The Proteus Magnet.” Journal of Magnetic Resonance 326 (May 1, 2021): 106964.


This paper details the design, fabrication, and testing of a new portable magnet, generically termed the Proteus magnet, that can undertake a wide range of MR measurements. The Proteus magnet is intended for 1H measurements of liquids and is fully functional when submersed in the sample of interest. The Proteus magnet is fabricated from a pair of low-cost, commercial, NdFeB disk magnets, axially polarized, with their North and South poles aligned. The two N52 NdFeB magnets – 31.75 mm diameter and 6.35 mm thickness were separated by 10 mm. The gap between the magnets is sufficient for a RF shield and transverse rectangular solenoid RF probe. The sensor was evaluated through a series of measurements including bulk CPMG, saturation recovery T1, self-diffusion, T1 – T2, and D – T2.