Automated pneumatic shuttle for magnetic field cycling and parahydrogen hyperpolarized multidimensional NMR

TomHon, Patrick, Evan Akeroyd, Sören Lehmkuhl, Eduard Y. Chekmenev, and Thomas Theis. “Automated Pneumatic Shuttle for Magnetic Field Cycling and Parahydrogen Hyperpolarized Multidimensional NMR.” Journal of Magnetic Resonance 312 (March 2020): 106700.

We present a simple-to-implement pneumatic sample shuttle for automation of magnetic field cycling and multidimensional NMR. The shuttle system is robust allowing automation of hyperpolarized and non-hyperpolarized measurements, including variable field lifetime measurements, SABRE polarization optimization, and SABRE multidimensional experiments. Relaxation-protected singlet states are evaluated by variable-field T1 and TS measurements. Automated shuttling facilitates characterization of hyperpolarization dynamics, field dependence and polarization buildup rates. Furthermore, reproducible hyperpolarization levels at every shuttling event enables automated 2D hyperpolarized NMR, including the first inverse 15N/1H HSQC. We uncover binding mechanisms of the catalytic species through cross peaks that are not accessible in standard one-dimensional hyperpolarized experiments. The simple design of the shuttling setup interfaced with standard TTL signals allows easy adaptation to any standard NMR magnet.

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