Understanding Overhauser Dynamic Nuclear Polarisation through NMR relaxometry #DNPNMR

Parigi, Giacomo, Enrico Ravera, Marina Bennati, and Claudio Luchinat. “Understanding Overhauser Dynamic Nuclear Polarisation through NMR Relaxometry.” Molecular Physics 117, no. 7–8 (April 18, 2019): 888–97.


Overhauser dynamic nuclear polarisation (DNP) represents a potentially outstanding tool to increase the sensitivity of solution and solid state NMR experiments, as well as of magnetic resonance imaging. DNP signal enhancements are strongly linked to the spin relaxation properties of the system under investigation, which must contain a paramagnetic molecule used as DNP polariser. In turn, nuclear spin relaxation can be monitored through NMR relaxometry, which reports on the field dependence of the nuclear relaxation rates, opening a route to understand the physical processes at the origin of the Overhauser DNP in solution. The contributions of dipole–dipole and Fermi-contact interactions to paramagnetic relaxation are here described and shown to be responsible to both the relaxometry profiles and the DNP enhancements, so that the experimental access to the former can allow for predictions of the latter.

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