Transmission Line for 258 GHz Gyrotron DNP Spectrometry

Bogdashov, A., et al., Transmission Line for 258 GHz Gyrotron DNP Spectrometry. J. Infrared Millim. Te., 2011. 32(6): p. 823-837.

We describe the design and test results of the transmission line for liquid-state (LS) and solid-state (SS) DNP spectrometers with the second-harmonic 258.6 GHz gyrotron at the Institute of the Biophysical Chemistry Center of Goethe University (Frankfurt). The 13-meter line includes a mode converter, HE11 waveguides, 4 mitre bends, a variable polarizer-attenuator, directional couplers, a water-flow calorimeter and a mechanical switch. A microwave power of about 15 W was obtained in the pure HE11 mode at the spectrometer inputs.

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