The DNP-NMR Worldmap

If you are curious about who in the world performs DNP-enhanced NMR Spectroscopy (DNP-NMR) have a look at the DNP Worldmap. This map was create using Google Maps and features laboratories that perform DNP-NMR spectroscopy and vendors of DNP-NMR instrumentation.

The DNP-NMR Worldmap (at Bridge12)

The DNP-NMR Worldmap (at Google Maps)

This is an interactive map. Follow one of the two links above and start investigating who is performing DNP-NMR. Each location is tagged by a color-coded pin (green – Bridge12, red – home built, blue – Bruker BioSpin, yellow – Oxford Instruments HyperSense). Each pin has a short description and a hyperlink pointing to the website of the lab.

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4 comments on “The DNP-NMR Worldmap”

  1. Thorsten Maly

    I created this map on Google Maps myself. It is still work in progress and I hope, as I come across more and more labs that perform DNP-NMR spectroscopy, that I can add more pins.
    Unfortunately I'm not aware of a similar map for THz companies and research facilities. However, I will talk to my colleagues and maybe they are willing to compile such a map.

  2. Unknown

    Singapore (specifically, Singapore BioImaging Consortium) owns an Oxford HyperSense since early 2012.

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