The Development of 460 GHz gyrotrons for 700 MHz DNP-NMR spectroscopy

Idehara, T., et al., The Development of 460 GHz gyrotrons for 700 MHz DNP-NMR spectroscopy. J Infrared Milli Terahz Waves, 2015: p. 1-15.

Two demountable gyrotrons with internal mode converters were developded as sub-THz radiation sources for 700 MHz DNP (Dynamic Nuclear Polarization) enhanced NMR spectroscopy. Experimental study on the DNP-NMR spectroscopy will be carried out in Osaka University, Institute for Protein Research, as a collaboration with FIR UF. Both gyrotrons operate near 460 GHz and the output CW power measured at the end of transmission system made by circular waveguides is typically 20 to 30 watts. One of them named Gyrotron FU CW GVI (we are using “Gyrotron FU CW GO-1” as an official name in Osaka University) is designed to have a special function of high speed frequency modulation δf within 100 MHz band. This will expand excitable band width of ESR and increase the number of electron spins contributing to DNP. The other gyrotron, Gyrotron FU CW GVIA (“Gyrotron FU CW GO-II”) has a function of frequency tunability Δf in the range of wider than 1.5 GHz, which is achieved in steady state by changing magnetic field intensity. This function should be used for adjusting the output frequency at the optimal value to achieve the highest enhancement factor of DNP.

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