[ssNMR] 10th June ZOOMinar: Ilya Kuprov (Southampton) and Sheetal Jain (UCSB)

Hi all,

Bob and I would like to announce our upcoming ZOOMinar session on 10th June, Wed. Our speakers are Prof. Ilya Kuprov (University of Southampton) and Sheetal Jain (Songi?s group, UCSB).

Zoom link: https://mit.zoom.us/j/95833202637 

Date/ Time: Wed 10th June, 8.00 am California/ 11.00 am Boston/ 5.00 pm Paris/ 6.00 pm Israel

Duration: 1 hr++, i.e. 40 mins (23 mins talk + 17 mins Q&A) per speaker

Further details about the ZOOMInar available at <https://griffingroup.mit.edu/weekly-ssnmrdnp-zoominar>

1st speaker: Sheetal Jain: \”DNP enhanced NMR spectroscopy reveals new sites in a P-modified zeolite catalyst\”

Postdoc with Professor Songi Han, UCSB, USA

Postdoc with Professor Robert G. Griffin, MIT, USA

PhD with Professor Niels Christian Nielsen, Aarhus University, Denmark

Undergraduate at Indian Institute of Science Education and Research (IISER) Pune, India

2nd speaker: Prof Ilya Kuprov

Associate Professor at the University of Southampton

PhD with Peter Hore at the University of Oxford

Tutorial lecture: \”What exactly is spin\”

Spin is a relativistic invariant that gives magnetic moments to charged particles. This tutorial lecture will focus on the fundamental question of how it comes to exist. We will cover the history of the subject, starting with the spin-orbit coupling in… astronomy, and then proceed to the modern derivation and definition of spin: from the theory of continuous groups, through Lorentz invariance, to Dirac equation and finally to the emergence of the coupling between spin and magnetic field when the negative energy components of the spinor are eliminated. The mathematics will be tuned to resonate with the NMR/EPR/DNP community.

Bob and Kong

Dr. Kong Ooi Tan

Postdoctoral Fellow

Francis Bitter Magnet Laboratory

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

77 Massachusetts Avenue, NW14-4112

Cambridge, MA 02139

Note that the Q&A and attachments of all past sessions available in Dropbox (Feel free to comment/answer) : https://www.dropbox.com/sh/mkf0jta1dxwsrp7/AAAqZOsidjbJb_jvPF3RTum1a?dl=0 <https://www.dropbox.com/sh/mkf0jta1dxwsrp7/AAAqZOsidjbJb_jvPF3RTum1a?dl=0>

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