Quantum-rotor-induced polarization

Meier, Benno. “Quantum-Rotor-Induced Polarization.” Magnetic Resonance in Chemistry 0, no. 0 (2018).


Quantum-rotor-induced polarization is closely related to para-hydrogen-induced polarization. In both cases, the hyperpolarized spin order derives from rotational interaction and the Pauli principle by which the symmetry of the rotational ground state dictates the symmetry of the associated nuclear spin state. In quantum-rotor-induced polarization, there may be several spin states associated with the rotational ground state, and the hyperpolarization is typically generated by hetero-nuclear cross-relaxation. This review discusses preconditions for quantum-rotor-induced polarization for both the 1-dimensional methyl rotor and the asymmetric rotor H217O@C60, that is, a single water molecule encapsulated in fullerene C60. Experimental results are presented for both rotors.

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