Physical methods and techniques NMR spectroscopy

This article came a bit as a surprise. I didn\’t expect DNP to show up in a review article published in a journal for organic chemistry. However, I\’m very delighted to see that since it shows that researchers from many different areas become aware of the method.

Edgar, M., Physical methods and techniques NMR spectroscopy. Annual Reports Section \”B\” (Organic Chemistry), 2012. 108(0): p. 292-315.

NMR spectroscopy continues to evolve, with publications in 2011 providing an eclectic collection of applications, advances and incremental improvements. Publications highlights include: DNP in liquids and solids, decoupling effects at high spinning speed in solid-state, results from the 80 kHz spinning-speed 1 mm MAS rotor, enhanced diffusion methods, results from the new 1.0 GHz magnet, an intent to create a 1.3 GHz magnet, results from the 2.6 GHz pulsed-magnet, a cryogen-free MRI, and the use of multiple receivers to acquire multiple experiments within the same pulse sequence. I am indebted to the great and the good whose work has been reported here, all credit is theirs; errors, omissions and blame are all mine.

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