[NMR] REWIRE (reinforcing Women in research) Program at the University of Vienna #DNPNMR

Dear colleagues,

The NMR lab of the university of Vienna is participating in the REWIRE (Reinforcing Women in Research, https://rewire.univie.ac.at/) program, a Marie Sklodowska Curie Actions COFUND project funded by the European Commission; the program is offering funding opportunities for a 3-year post doc for a female researcher.

REWIRE has been designed to support researchers in their postdoctoral phase who intend to pursue an academic career. REWIRE has a focus on recruiting ambitious researchers who have the potential to embark on independent research careers.

The chemistry department of the university Vienna is equipped with 7 NMR spectrometers (from 400 to, 700 MHz, as well as a low-field spectrometer and access to DNP and EPR facilities), if you are interested in applying to the program or if you know anyone who might be interested to follow a career with a focus on NMR, please contact me (email: dennis.kurzbach@univie.ac.at; homepage: www.Vienna-DNP.at) for further information.

Kind regards,

Dennis Kurzbach


Ass’t Prof. Dr. Dennis Kurzbach

University Vienna

Institute of Biological Chemistry

Währinger Str.38

1090 Vienna


Mail: dennis.kurzbach@univie.ac.at

Tel.: +43-1-4277-70523



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