[NMR] PhD scholarship in Hyperpolarization of Water for Angiography and Perfusion #DNPNMR

We have an open position as PhD student.

Application deadline is soon: Nov 15, 2019!

The PhD project is part of a EU FET Open funded consortium targeting alternatives to conventional Gadolinium based MR contrast agents for angiography and perfusion imaging. The consortium pursues several approaches, but this PhD project specifically aims to develop and study hyperpolarized water by dissolution Dynamic Nuclear Polarization for perfusion and angiography. Hyperpolarized water can provide a signal that is several orders of magnitude stronger than the tissue signal, and could enable superior angiograph and perfusion imaging. The key idea in the project is to study formulations of the hyperpolarized water that can extend the relaxation time of the water protons after injection into the blood stream, e.g. through micro-emulsions. This would shift hyperpolarized water from being an invasive, intra-arterial method to becoming equivalent in use to conventional MR contrast agents as a non-invasive, intravenous agent.

Online application at: https://www.dtu.dk/Om-DTU/Job-og-karriere/Ledige-stillinger/job?id=03a3248e-556b-47de-bfe0-92ac0c9906f0

Best regards, Jan

Jan Henrik Ardenkjær-Larsen

Professor and Section Head

Center for Magnetic Resonance

Technical University of Denmark 

Department of Health Technology

Ørsted Plads, bldg 349, office 126

DK – 2800 Kgs. Lyngby

Phone +45 45253918

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