[NMR] PhD/Postdoc positions available on DNP/MAS NMR and multi-frequency EPR in Konstanz, Germany #DNPNMR

PhD/Postdoc positions available on DNP/MAS NMR and multi-frequency EPR

About the group:

We are a newly established research group in the Chemistry Department of the University of Konstanz (Baden-Württemberg, Germany). Our research encompasses the development of magnetic resonance spectroscopy, particularly dynamic nuclear 

polarization (DNP) / magic-angle spinning (MAS) NMR and multi-frequency electron-paramagnetic resonance (EPR), and its application in structural biology, enzymology, and catalysis.

About the positions:

Possible research projects are: 

– To investigate if and how the high polarization generated in the photo-excited triplet states of certain chromophores can be used for DNP/MAS NMR. 

– The development of “DNP pulse sequences”. This project has an experimental component as well as a considerable theoretical component. 

– The application and development of multi-frequency EPR spectroscopy to study reaction mechanisms.

The exact topic of the candidate’s research can be agreed on in consultation and will depend on the candidate’s background and interests.

About the candidate:

You have a strong interest in basic science, particularly in physical chemistry and spectroscopy. You are highly motivated and willing to work on solving complex, long-term problems. In your research, you are able to make the combination between theory and experiment. You have a MSc degree in Physics, Chemistry or a related field. For postdocs a PhD in MAS NMR is a plus.

About Konstanz and the university:

The University of Konstanz is a young university (founded 1966) and has since 2006 been a part of the German Exzellenzinitiative. The city of Konstanz is nicely situated on Lake Constance (Bodensee) near the Swiss border.

Applicants should send a cover letter and CV to Dr. Guinevere Mathies. E-mail: guinevere.mathies@uni-konstanz.de. Informal inquiries are also appreciated. Applications will be accepted until the positions are filled.

Visit also our website: chemie.uni.kn/mathies.

— Dr. Guinevere Mathies Emmy Noether Group Leader Department of Chemistry University of Konstanz E-mail: guinevere.mathies@uni-konstanz.dePhone: +49 7531 88 3962 (office) Address: University of Konstanz Room L 828 / Mail box 706 Universitätsstrasse 10 78464 Konstanz Germany


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