NMR of hyperpolarised probes

Witte, C. and L. Schroder, NMR of hyperpolarised probes. NMR Biomed, 2012: p. n/a-n/a.


Increasing the sensitivity of NMR experiments is an ongoing field of research to help realise the exquisite molecular specificity of this technique. Hyperpolarisation of various nuclei is a powerful approach that enables the use of NMR for molecular and cellular imaging. Substantial progress has been achieved over recent years in terms of both tracer preparation and detection schemes. This review summarises recent developments in probe design and optimised signal encoding, and promising results in sensitive disease detection and efficient therapeutic monitoring. The different methods have great potential to provide molecular specificity not available by other diagnostic modalities. Copyright (c) 2012 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.

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