Localized in vivo hyperpolarization transfer sequences

Mishkovsky, M., et al., Localized in vivo hyperpolarization transfer sequences. Magnetic Resonance in Medicine, 2011: p. n/a-n/a.


In vivo localized and fully adiabatic homonuclear and heteronuclear polarization transfer experiments were designed and performed in the rat brain at 9.4 T after infusion of hyperpolarized sodium [1,2-13C2] and sodium [1-13C] acetate. The method presented herein leads to highly enhanced in vivo detection of short-T113C as well as attached protons. This indirect detection scheme allows for probing additional molecular sites in hyperpolarized substrates and their metabolites and can thus lead to improved spectral resolution such as in the case of 13C-acetate metabolism.

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