Liquid state DNP of water at 9.2 T: an experimental access to saturation

Neugebauer, P., et al., Liquid state DNP of water at 9.2 T: an experimental access to saturation. Phys Chem Chem Phys, 2013. 15(16): p. 6049-56.

We have performed liquid state (\”Overhauser\”) Dynamic Nuclear Polarization (DNP) experiments at high magnetic field (9.2 T, corresponding to 260 GHz EPR and 400 MHz (1)H-NMR resonance frequency) on aqueous solutions of (14)N-TEMPOL nitroxide radicals. Integrated signal enhancements exceeding -80 were observed for the water protons at microwave superheated temperatures (160 degrees C) and still -14 at ambient temperatures (45 degrees C) relevant to biological applications. Different contributions contributing to the DNP enhancement such as saturation factor, leakage factor and sample temperature under microwave irradiation could be determined independently for a high spin concentration of 1 M, allowing the calculation of the coupling factors as a function of temperature and a quantitative comparison of this parameter with values derived from field dependent relaxation measurements or predictions from MD simulation.

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