Highly Repeatable Dissolution Dynamic Nuclear Polarization for Heteronuclear NMR Metabolomics #DNPNMR

Bornet, Aurélien, Mickaël Maucourt, Catherine Deborde, Daniel Jacob, Jonas Milani, Basile Vuichoud, Xiao Ji, et al. “Highly Repeatable Dissolution Dynamic Nuclear Polarization for Heteronuclear NMR Metabolomics.” Analytical Chemistry 88, no. 12 (June 21, 2016): 6179–83. 


At natural 13C abundance, metabolomics based on heteronuclear NMR is limited by sensitivity. We have recently demonstrated how hyperpolarization by dissolution dynamic nuclear polarization (D-DNP) assisted by cross-polarization (CP) provides a reliable way of enhancing the sensitivity of heteronuclear NMR in dilute mixtures of metabolites. In this Technical Note, we evaluate the precision of this experimental approach, a critical point for applications to metabolomics. The higher the repeatability, the greater the likelihood that one can detect small biologically relevant differences between samples. The average repeatability of our state-of-the-art D-DNP NMR equipment for samples of metabolomic relevance (20 mg dry weight tomato extracts) is 3.6% for signals above the limit of quantification (LOQ), and 6.4% when all the signals above the limit of detection (LOD) are taken into account. This first report on the repeatability of D-DNP highlights the compatibility of the technique with the requirements of metabolomics, and confirms its potential as an analytical tool for such applications.

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