High-field NMR with dissolution triplet-DNP

Kagawa, Akinori, Koichiro Miyanishi, Naoki Ichijo, Makoto Negoro, Yushi Nakamura, Hideo Enozawa, Tsuyoshi Murata, Yasushi Morita, and Masahiro Kitagawa. “High-Field NMR with Dissolution Triplet-DNP.” Journal of Magnetic Resonance 309 (December 2019): 106623.


Dissolution dynamic nuclear polarization (DNP) has wide variety of important applications such as real-time monitoring of chemical reactions and metabolic imaging. We construct DNP using photoexcited triplet electron spins (Triplet-DNP) apparatus combined with dissolution apparatus for solution NMR in a high magnetic field. Triplet-DNP enables us to obtain high nuclear polarization at room temperature. Solid-state samples polarized by Triplet-DNP are transferred to a superconducting magnet and dissolved by injecting aqueous solvents. The 13C polarization of 0.22 % has been obtained for [caryboxy-13C]benzoic acid-d in the liquid state. Our results show that Triplet-DNP can be applied to real-time monitoring with solution NMR.

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